E-Stop not Communicating Troubleshooting

An error 37 may occur after an E-STOP event. If the E-STOP event is not successfully cleared in the lower PCAPrinted circuit assembly, generally referred to as either an upper PCA or lower PCA. and the upper display believes the E-STOP has been cleared, a error 37 will occur. Possible causes include pulling and resetting the E-STOP twice within the 10 second time-out period, pulling the E-STOP, turning off the treadmill, turning the treadmill back on, and then starting a course, or pulling the E-STOP, turning off the treadmill, reset the E-STOP, turning the treadmill back on, and then starting a course. Also possible is a break in the E-STOP line, or a loose cable connection.

Related Error Codes

37 E-STOP Upper PCAUpper printed circuit assembly; generally refers to the console./Lower PCALower printed circuit assembly; generally this refers to the lower board. On treadmills, this is the motor controller unit (MCU), and on self-powered units, it is the main board in the lower section. Mismatch

Troubleshooting Procedure

Review the machine Error Log or CPATouchscreen console Control Processing Assembly. Event Log and note any possible issue related error codes. Then use the Error Code and Troubleshooting Guide to learn about these error codes and procedures to troubleshoot and repair the issue, see Error Code Troubleshooting Guide.

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